What to Say to Your Prospects and How to Increase Your Closing Rate

Not knowing what to say to potential prospects is a very common problem. Many reps are paralyzed by and avoid dealing with this issue. As a result Business may suffer or dissolve altogether.

I had the pleasure of meeting Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. He is a Recruiter Trainer with some unique thoughts on prospecting. Read this post to the end to learn exactly what to say to prospects and increase your closing rate.

As network marketers we are always looking to find people to put our presentation in front of.

I will share more on how find Leads at the end of this blog post.

The next challenge typically is knowing What To SAY to a potential prospect.

We believe we have the greatest product and the best biz opp.

If only we could get our presentation in front of so and so, they would surely understand that this is just what they need.

Have you ever felt like that only to find out that the person you presented your opportunity to just wasn’t moved by it. They didn’t join your biz opp or purchase your product.

What’s wrong with them? You wonder…

Could you have done a better job with your prospecting technique to get a higher closing rate?

Now This Was News to Me! 

Big Al taught us that People Make a Decision to join your opportunity or buy your product BEFORE they even see your company biz opp or product presentation.Al1

You are probably scratching your head about now.

I did too, until I discovered the need to Pre-Sell prospect.

How to Pre-Sell Your Prospect in 4 Simple Steps

This is the key to increasing your closing rate and making more sales.

Note: This prospecting sequences may appear to be out of order because most network marketers attempt to do step 4 before step 3.

  1. Build Rapport– This is when people feel like they can trust you. They look for signs that tell them you are like them. During your conversation with your prospect, you can build rapport by asking questions about their family, occupation, or what they like to do in their down time. Find something that you have in common with them and BINGO instant rapport.

Here is a twist that Big Al teaches to building rapport.

He teaches the “Fact, Fact, Smile” tactic.

In other words, state a fact that you know the prospect would say Yes to.

Do this twice and then give a warm smile. This causes a person to relax and to trust you more.

So what Facts should you share?

It doesn’t matter which fact statements you use as long as the prospect believes it to be true also. As they respond in agreement to what you say, they are subconsciously forming a deeper trust in you.

I will give you a couple of examples below. Be a little creative and form some fact statements that are relevant to the conversation you are having with your prospect.

Fact Statements will help you to Pre-Sell Your

Business Opportunity or Product.

Here is a guide you can use to get an idea of what to say and which conditions to use them in.

Then begin to create your own.

  • Biz Opportunity = “The economy doesn’t seem to be getting any better and hardly anyone gets a raise these days”
  • Health and wellness industry= “The cost of health care is outrageous, we all should be more proactive about having better health”
  • Travel Industry= “It would be great to travel more and spend less”.
  • Anti-Aging Industry= “We would all like to feel more youthful and to look younger”

Do you see how these fact statement could get the prospect to say “Yes” I agree with that?

Just remember and follow the formula.

Fact +Fact +Smile= Builds Rapport

This is the point where you can transition from Casual Conversation into Business Mode.

Here are the 4 Transitioning Words to use:

“I am just curious”

Gets prospect eager to hear what you have to say next.

Works like a charm.

Continue to step 2 immediately.

  1. Ice Breaker– Here are 4 words you can use to break the ice.  “I just found out”____________________ (fill in the blank , tell them something good about your product or service) eg. Let’s say you that you have a product that gets rid of puffy eyes quickly. You could say “I just found out that I could get rid of my puffy eyes in minutes and look more youthful” This will get their attention instantly. This is prime time to send prospect to your company / product presentation. But first you must prepare the prospect to see the presentation. The next step gives you the magic closing words to say.
  1. Closing– Here are 5 words to close with and get them to say Yes to your offer – ‘Would it be okay if”______________________(Fill in the blank ).  eg. For biz opportunity –Would it be ok if you could earn some extra cash flow each week?  eg. For product presentation you could say  “ Would it be ok if I sent you a video that give you more information on ( Your Product Name)?” At this point the prospect is nodding their head up and down and is pre-sold.  They have already made up their mind about joining your biz or buying your product.
  1. Presentation– The presentation is given to confirm and validate the prospect’s decision.

Send the prospect to a Webinar, call, or whatever form of presentation you use.

It should be clear now why you must close before you send prospect to the presentation.

3 Step Follow Up

After they have viewed the presentation,

This is what you should say:

Step 1“What would you like to know first?”

You’ll want to answer the question as simply and quickly as possible.

Step 2– Ask them “What would you like to know next?”

Answer and repeat step 2 till they have all of their questions answered.

Step 3– Ask prospect “What would you like to do?”

People like to do business with those they like and trust. This is how to achieve that goal

Let’s Pull Big Al’s Prospecting Formula All Together

Your prospecting conversation could sound something like this during the business transition phase.

(I will use the anti-aging industry as an example):

I am just curious”,

“I just found out” how to feel more youthful, and look younger.

“Would it be ok if ” you could earn an extra income and get these products for free?”

Prospect says “YES”

Send them  to a presentation

Follow up as described above.

And That’s it!

Use these steps so that you are not stuck on what to say when prospecting and you could be well on your way to confidently building your business with ease.

I had a lot of fun learning from Big Al and sharing his prospecting tips with you.

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