How To Use Stories to Sell Your Products and Build a Power Team

People make purchases based on these 2 facts:

  1. They have to need what you have or at least Think they Do…
  2. They make purchases based on emotions.

Do you take this into consideration when you tell people about your business.
Many Reps habitually Cough up dull facts about their company products, services or biz opp. and expect to make a sale.

This won’t cut it.

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Continue to read this post and discover How To Use Stories to Sell Your Products and Build a Power Team.

Here’s How…

A good story is captivating, it evokes emotion and it can be a great persuasive tool to get your prospects to believe that they need what you got..

You may think that you are not a good story teller..

But actually you tell stories nearly everyday…

When you go to work on Monday after being off for the weekend, I bet you tell your co-workers about what you did, what you saw and how you felt. The gift of gab seems to just flow…..You paint a picture so vivid that it draws your coworkers in and they soon forget they are at work. And you’ve just  turned work time into a social tea party…

Beware of Boss… you don’t want to get fired …..

The good thing is that in your own business you can tell stories as often as you’d like and you don’t have to worry about getting written up or terminated from your job.…

Sharing stories will literally have the opposite effect..

The more often you tell stories the Bigger Your Financial Security will be..

Someone recently told me about a fabulous trip they took to Aruba. She said that the only reason they came back from her vacation was because she had kids. She described the beautiful beaches, the welcomed cross breeze on a hot day, the friendly atmosphere, the clean environment and the delicious meals she ate at an all inclusive resort…

I felt that sense of peace and tranquility as I listened to her share her experience…I bought into the idea that I should go to Aruba so that I could feel that way too…. I could see myself on the beach, not a care in the world. Total Euphoria kicked in and I felt the desire and NEED to go there. I was emotionally attached to taking a trip to Aruba..

After all I work hard and deserve a vacation….

Now she wasn’t trying to sell me on the idea of going to Aruba, But I was drawn in by her story regardless. She unintentionally sold me on the idea..

Use these same Skills of Story Telling to Build Your Business..

Start by asking yourself, What is the benefit of the product or service that I represent?

In a story show how that product solves a problem,

For example….Sure you can use the following dry sell approach that may sound something like this if you are in company XYZ’s skin care while promoting your business.

…Company XYZ has products to help you look younger by diminishing dark circles and unsightly facial lines.

Can you say “Boring”….


You can Tell a Powerful Compelling Story like this…

I went to my 30th class reunion and although it was great to see my classmate, I struggled to quickly recognize many of them because of the years that had gone by and the toll life had taken on them.

Dark circles under the eyes, crow’s feet, deep laugh lines and dull skin was apparent even with women wearing makeup in the efforts to camouflage their aging skin.. I felt great that my class mates remembered me instantly and said that I haven’t changed.

I give credit to the fact that I had been company XYZ’s face cream and eye cream faithfully which had erased the wrinkles and dark circles from my face and gave me a healthy glow. It literally has taken years off of my appearance after using it for 6 only months.

The story creates an emotional connection to between the listener and the product..

They can relate to how the product could solve their aging skin issue.

Now an emotional buying decision is made.

Stories Sell Facts Are Ho Hum Boring..

So Lets Examine How You Can Create Attention Grabbing Stories That Sell for You.
Use This 3 Step CPR Formula to Craft Your Stories

C= Context- You want to describe the situation and the circumstances.

P= Problem- Share the problem, conflict or struggles

R= Resolution- Tell how your product and service will solve the problem


When you structure stories properly people will find your offers irresistible.

They become emotionally attached to the outcome and can’t help but pull out their credit card and to buy your stuff or join your team…

Ready to create your story?

Ask yourself ….

What Problem does your product solve?

Next Tell a true story. It can be yours, your upline’s story or a satisfied customers on how your products helped them.

A well crafted Story helps you to connect to the listener on an emotional level because they can relate to it easier than just bear facts about what your product does…

When people feel the need for what you got then they pull out their credit card to buy your stuff or join your team…

If you answered “Yes”, Then go ahead and TELL A STORY…

All you need now is MORE Prospects to tell your story to….

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