Local Prospecting Tip To Build Your Team in Minutes

Are You Building a Local Team With Ease?

Many people are focusing on using social media to build their business globally.

That’s cool..
But I just want to remind you that building your business on social media can be done easily with the proper instructions. And there is huge value in building a local team.

Too often I see people cluttering their Facebook, twitter, instagram and other social media sites with their biz opp or products only to realize that it had been wasted efforts.

I will show you how to locate prospects effectively right in you on backyard.


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Here are some of the Benefits of having a Local Team:

As you build your team locally, you can form local meetings. This is great for duplication. You can share this simple social media recruiting technique with your distant team members and they can build local teams in their area causing massive growth in your business organization.

  • Your immediate local team can invite their local prospect that they connect with to the meetings and let the presenter share the biz opp and products. This takes the stress off of the new recruits and gets them into building mode quicker.
  • Local recruits gain a since of belonging which is an essential human desire that people seek after. People enjoy being part of something. You can build friendships and have local team events to bond even more.
  • Local team members tend to stay in the business longer. This is because of the relationships built . The energy from the team helps keep the local team engaged and actively building their business.
  • You will be able to nurture your team members in person. This builds confidence and trust in you as a leader.
  • Last but not least, as you build a powerful local team, you will get recognition from your company and they may be willing to send top leaders to your area to help you explode your business in your area and take it to another level.

Social media is a great way to find local prospects and the best part is that it can be done in minutes.

Watch this Short Video Below as I demonstrate how to find Prospects in Your Town.

Can you say “Easy”?

Now you too can find local prospects in minutes.

3 Step Format For Connecting On Social Media:

  1. Intro Statement: (e.g.) Hi John, Your status update popped up on my newsfeed.  I see that we are from the same town.
  2. Compliment: (e.g.) Your cover photo is great.
  3. Invite: (e.g.) Just throwing it out there. I am a recruiter for a company headquartered in (what ever city your company is headquarter in) Boston, Ma. and we are expanding in the area.   Just curious, let me know if you are open to increasing your cash flow. I think you would be a great addition.

On to the next step. Which is to qualify the prospect to see if they would be a good fit for your business,  Then Close The Deal.

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