How To Succeed In Network Marketing

There are many things you  that you  can do to develop a growing  home based business.  I am going to share a secret that reveals the most effective, most underused and overlooked tool that reps can use to explode their business. If you want to know how to succeed in network marketing  then read this blog and consider passing this information on to your team.2

Skills such as Building a list, inviting and closing are essential basic skills in network marketing. The next step is to get your new recruits started off on a good foot. This involves creating the Game plan with your new recruit. But there is one more critical component to scaling up your business and helping your reps hit the gates running.

The Secret is Getting Your New Rep to Events

80% of our decisions are based on emotions. The stories shared at events trigger emotions. As people listen to the stories feelings are sparked. As a result, Confidence is built up, fears are diminished, and commitments to succeed are vowed.

You may be wondering-

So what decisions do you want your new reps to make during events.

  1. A decision to have a strong belief in the company,
  2. A decision to have a solid belief in the products
  3. A decision to believe in their own ability to be successful as a network marketer.

When a reps hears a success story of someone that was able to get past their road blocks then to move on to attain success, they may connect with the presenter. This rep now becomes more confident and feels like they can get past their hurdle and reach their goals too.

There is a direct correlation to attending events and reps taking massive action to build their business immediately follow that event. Events can lead to soaring profits in network marketing businesses.

I recall the time I attended an event as a new recruit. Sure I liked the company products and what they could do for people, but during the presentation I found out that 87% of the company’s products were actually being re-ordered by the consumer. That blew my mind. What do you think that single fact did for my belief in the products? It deepened my belief in the products and gave me more boldness in sharing it with other people. My belief in the product was solidified by the information shared at the event.

Benefits of  Attending Events:grouppic

  • Meeting other people with that have high energy, welcoming attitudes, and exhibit sincere expressions for wanting others to reach their goals.
  • A Sense of belonging is a basic human need and events create the environment for people to feel like they are part of something huge.
  • Positive peer pressure-The desire to rank advance becomes more appealing at events as new reps see others being recognized for achievements and seeing the financial benefits.
  • Positive, encouraging, and motivating atmosphere
  • Helps you to build a serious income. Reps are able to focus on their goals without outside distractions.

Jerry Clark is an awesome mentor. He shared a story on how he invited 10 new reps to an event and in 2 weeks gained $18,000 in volume and earned $1100 in his company commission. He was able to repeat that strategy over and over again.

Do what ever it takes to get yourself and your new reps to local and destination events . That’s How To Succeed In Network Marketing.

More Network Marketing Tips:

Network Marketing Tip so that you can overcome excuses

The best time to get reps to plan on attending events are during the game plan interview. Have the new rep take out his calendar.  Guide him to plug in the dates for the upcoming events. Make this part of the normal routine to getting new reps started.

Events can be used as a powerful prospecting tool for your new reps too. Just encourage new reps to bring a prospect with them to all of the events.

Allow the event to sell the opportunity to the reps guest.

Can you say “Easy Recruiting”

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