Who Else Wants to Get My Notes From Vince Reed’s Monday Mojo Marketing Training?

20150813_201204(2)Who else wants to get my notes from Vince Reed’s Monday Mojo Marketing Training?

Internet Guru Vince Reed was a guest trainer a couple of weeks ago on Elite Marketing Pro’s Monday Mojo Training for people building their home based business online.

Vince dropped some what I call,

“Now I Get It” knowledge during Elite Marketing Pro’s Monday Mojo Training.


Watch Short Video Below to listen to My Recorded Notes from Vince.


For those of you that would rather read,

Here you go.

3 Main Points from my Monday Mojo Training with Vince Reed

  1. Build a Fan page to Build Your Business. Create a Loyal Community or Tribe of people that know, like and trust you. You can keep them engaged by sharing relevant and fun things of interest. Daily give value and connect to your fans. Keep in mind that the more you Invest in yourself by Learning more about what your audience is interested in, the more you will have to share and nurture your fans. You can build your fan-base by inviting your ideal avatar, and friends from your personal Facebook profile to like your page. You can also create a Facebook Ad Campaign and run a “Likes campaign to get more fans. Use this Acronym to remind you of this process. ACT.  A= Acquire Fans, C=Contribute Value, T= Transaction – get fans to opt into you email list where you can continue to provide more value and convert these leads to sales.
  2. Attend Events – This is crucial to building your business. You will be able to rub shoulders and have conversation top earners in the industry. Use this opportunity to create video interviews and get tips first hand to refine the skills you need to build your business.
  3. Understand the Difference between Marketing and Sales. First let me set the record straight. Marketing is not selling your stuff. Marketing is the art of finding people that are already searching for have a need for what your are offering. Sales are actually a conversation where you are able to determine a specific problem your prospect is having and connect it to specific solutions. Example: your product, your service or your biz opp.

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Elite Marketing Pro provides Free Weekly Monday Mojo Training for network and internet marketers to help them build their business online.

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