Best Tips From TEAL3 Event

I had the privilege of attending the Final Top Earner Academy Live 3 Event in August.

It was packed filled with information geared to help network marketers to take their business to extraordinary heights.

During one of the sessions Ray Higdon actually gave us permission to video record his lesson on “How to Become More of Who We Want to Be”.

Lucky You…

If you were not there you will definitely want to check out this Rare Video Footage.

I had to pay to see it but I am passing it along to you for free.

Ray is an amazing teacher. He shared 8 steps on how and why you should become a person that wants to Play Big and have an impact on others lives.

As we realize that we are in the business of helping others then we will see how our focus needs to shift from seeking to make money to seeking to make this a better world by helping those that need solutions to increase their lifestyle and fulfill their dreams.

Money follows after making this our first priority because, we step into the “Law of Attraction Mode”.. We create an energy that draws people and open doors of opportunity to us which in turn creates positive relationships and wealth.

This is Truly the Secret to Becoming a Top Earner …..

Video Recap…

Do you want to know how you can become that individual that impacts others, changes the world and become a Top earner?

Here are Ray’s 8 Powerful Principles to Guide You There.

  1. Practice More Gratitude
  2. Invest – Learn -Teach
  3. Forgive
  4. Limit Negative Talk
  5. Get Uncomfortable
  6. Create Winning Habits
  7. Use Serving Language
  8. Make a Decision to change your life

Great time to start applying these steps now. Play Big and Attract people to you..

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