5 Prospecting Mistakes That Reps Don’t Even Know They Are Making

Today I am going to explain 5 Prospecting Mistakes that Reps don’t even know they are making. It will cause prospects to say “So What” to your offer..SUCCESS

Next I will show you a method you could implement to:

  • Attract the Best Prospects for your business
  • Increase Your Sales 
  • Help you to Feel Confident about building a team.

Building a home-based business can be a very lucrative endeavor.


Yes there is a “But” disclosure.

You have to understand what Really Makes Your Business Successful.

5 Common Prospecting Mistakes Reps Should Avoid and Why

Are you leading with the following statements as you prospect potential team members and buyers?

  1. I just came across a post on Facebook where a Rep listed the “10 Top Most Popular Direct Sales Companies “ in the industry. It was intended to get people curious to join her business. Interesting to see that the post did get some likes, shares and comments… If someone does join as a result of seeing that particular post, it won’t be long before that new Rep gets frustrated and quits because the expectation was that they could succeed solely upon the bases that the company was on the Top 10 list.

Savvy prospects that see that post are thinking….

“So What!”

Harsh reality… No one cares about the “Top 10 List”… Prospects only want to know if it will work for them and that they can do it.

The fact is that with the proper marketing skills a Rep could successfully promote any company even at the bottom of the list. While someone deficient in marketing skills will not have success with even the #1 Top Company”

Surprisingly, I witnessed the same individual that made this post inappropriately prospect a leader in the online marketing industry by way of a blogging comment in attempt to recruit him into her business. Needless to say the comment was not welcome and removed. I give her credit for spotting talent and wanting leaders in her business but she clearing lacked prospecting skills and proper social media etiquette skills which are crucial skills needed to build her mlm biz.

Bottom line, although her company ranked #1 of the “Top 10 Top Most Popular Direct Sales Companies”, it held no weight and did not guarantee her success in building her business.

You will see What Can as you read to the end of this blog.

  1. Another person messaged me about how there is not a Comp Plan out there anywhere that compares to their company’s comp plan. A lot of mlmers claim this.

This is what your prospect is thinking when they hear this….

“So What!”

First of all, That is a really bold statement…. I wonder how they had the time to look at the hundreds of company’s comp plans in order to come up with that conclusion…

And even if it were so, the comp plan alone isn’t what will make you successful. If that was the case then all of the Reps would automatically have success just for enrolling into that company.

  1. Here is another statement I hear often. The company is just starting and the Market is Wide Open.

The Typical Response again from savvy prospects would be…

“So What!”

Just because it is a start up company many people think that the people who join early are the ones making the money…

Not so… Look at how long the companies such as Amway or Mark Kay have been in business and there are people that have joined way after the launch and have had massive success.

The market being wide open is not the key to success.. On the contrary it is actually easier to market to prospects that are already purchasing products similar to yours.

Treasure that nugget..

  1. The company is a Reputable Debt Free Company.

“So What!”

Sounds nice but wouldn’t it be better if you are debt free?

One has nothing to do with the other. Of course you want to be

associated with a respected company and that’s great if they are debt free but neither fact can guarantee you a buck.

  1. The company has Life Changing Products.

“So What!”


So What to that too!

Prospects are conditioned to these claims and not moved by them to join your business and buy your products.

The product won’t change anyone’s life until it is offered to the right people at the right time.

Perhaps you or someone on your team have used the prospecting statements listed above to build your business.

If so, you are probably wondering,It's Not WhoYou KnowIt's WHO KNOWsYOU(1)

What should I do to Build a Successful Business?

I can’t stress this answer enough….

Understand that the KEY SUCCESS COMPONENT in building your business is “YOU”, not your company nor your products/service..

It is That Simple.

The 5 Prospecting “Facts” stated above can be a bonus to helping you succeed, but not the primary contributing factor for your success.

When “You” brand yourself as a leader,  become a person that others would want to follow, learn the proper marketing and social media skills than chances of having a successful business are Highly Likely

It boggles me how many people are reluctant to invest their time and money to equip themselves to Win.

3 Urgent Tips to Succeed

  1. Believe in yourself and be enthusiastic about what you have to offer so that others are attracted to joining “YOU” in your business.
  2. Brand yourself as an expert in your industry. People will buy from you over and over again.
  3. You can learn to do both. It is called Attraction Marketing.  This strategy is revealed in the Free 10 Day Recruiting Course available here. You will feel more confident in recruiting, attract quality prospects to you and sell your products lightning fast.

This is the secret to building your business quickly and having Success.

You can choose to drift along continuing to do what doesn’t work and hope to stumble upon success or you can choose to become a super achiever by Branding and building You Inc. so that you can build a lucrative mlm business.

Did you agree or disagree with this information?  Would love to hear your thoughts. Share and comment below if you got value.

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