3 Network Marketing Tips To Get More Sales

If you are going to be prospecting anyways, why not try to double dip and get more sales.

Part of building your business is to find lots of people to get your products and services in front of. Asking for referrals will leverage your time and get you more sales.

Referrals Rock…

Here are 3 ways to increase your profits. 2 of which you can use when prospecting and 1 way to use when you are following up with customers that have made a purchase from you.

#1. Immediately after your customers make a purchase ask, “Who do you know that can also benefit from these products or services?” This is prime time to ask for the referral because that person has trusted you enough to buy from you and has faith that the product or services is going to solve their specific problem. Take advantage of this opportunity by asking for a referral. Who in the past week, or even month has bought form you that you have not followed up with yet? It is not too late to do so..

#2. Do a follow up call to your customer in a week after they have purchased from you. Ask them if they received their products. If so go on to ask if they have any questions. Listen closely, you may find an opportunity to make another sale from them for another product. They will be thrilled that you took the time to see if they are satisfied and to see how else you could serve them. Before ending the call you can ask for the referral to increase your profits even more.

#3. During the closing phase of your prospecting, you may find that the prospect has no interest in your product personally. Thank them for their time to take a look at what you have. Say, no problem it isn’t for everyone, but do you know of anyone else that could benefit from these products or services? If you have done a decent job with building rapport with the person, you should feel comfortable with asking for the referral at this stage.

Regularly use these 3 most often missed opportunities to make more sales for your business.

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