#1 Skill to Recruiting More Reps Without Feeling Frustrated

When it comes to prospecting have you ever felt Frustrated or even aggravated and disappointed?

I mean…

You took the time to share your biz opp like your sponsor instructed you to do, but prospects just didn’t seem to get it.

Come on, Jump in and just get started you’d like to scream out.

All you hear in the back of your head while prospecting is your sponsor saying “go for the no’s and the more no’s you hear the closer you are to the yes’s”.

Or That…

“It’s a number’s game”.


I think there is a missing component to the puzzle of how to successfully recruit new reps..

Today I’m sharing the #1 skill that Will Absolutely Help You to recruit more reps without becoming frustrated.

…Take a look at your personal downline.

Is there a lack of reps on your team?

Converting prospects to business builders is a common struggle for many network marketers

I was stumped too.

I asked myself, why weren’t people signing up?

After all, I had a great product and an awesome company.

Little did I realize, There was a disconnect in my message while prospecting to potential teammates.

What I found out was that network marketing is truly a people business.

The Secret to recruiting more Reps was the ability to understand how people make decisions.

And it is based on their personality traits.

There are 4 basic types of personality traits that prompt people to behave in a certain manner and that includes how they make decisions about joining your business..

Would it be helpful if you could predict how a prospect would respond to your biz opp
offer before you even shared your presentation with them?

Well, You can get really close to doing so.

I’ll explain more in video below.

Present your opportunity in a way that speaks to your prospect’s decision making traits.

In other words you have to present your biz opp in a way they can understand and relate to your message.


Underestimating the value of this skill may stifle the growth of your business and cheat your prospect out of the chance to perhaps create a better lifestyle.

Watch the video below and discover the 4 personality traits, how to decrease the tension in the prospecting conversation and make the prospect more open to hearing about your biz opportunity so that you can recruit more reps.

4 Types of Personality Traits AKA Personality Colors and how to Get them to say “Yes” to joining your team.

  • 1. YELLOW- People that are relationship oriented.
    • Don’t like to rock the boat. Peacemakers
    • Love nature
    • Supportive
    • Relaxed
    • Dependable
    • Easy going
    • Love to share family photos
    • Sensitive
    • Love to help others
    • Smile a lot
    • Indecisive

Common jobs titles: Medical profession, teachers, social worker.

Best Way To Recruit them is to show them how they will help to make other peoples lives better with your company product or by Helping someone else to have financial stability . eg. Use a mission statement to get their interest. Such as, Join us in our movement to help more Moms to create an income from home and spend more time with their kids.

They don’t make decisions quickly so you will want to follow up appropriately. Also keep in mind that they tend to ask for their friends input.. This can sway them from joining your team if they get negative feedback. Be sure to assure your prospect that you have a supportive team and system in place to help them to succeed.

  • 2. GREEN – Fact oriented
    • Strive to do things right
    • Very detailed
    • Slow paced
    • Orderly
    • Analytic
    • Picky
    • Perfectionist
    • Fact collector
    • Task oriented
    • Hold high standards

Common job titles: Accountants, Engineers, and scientist

Greens will not join your business until the have all of the facts and details so that they can evaluate and make what they believe is the Right decisions about joining your team. Very important not to let them take up your time by allowing them to bombard you with a lot of questions. Instead send them to 3rd party tools such as Company biz opp calls, company presentation, company history, compensation plan, product testimonies etc to deliver the information.

One good thing about them is that after they review the info, they may go ahead and sign up without even telling you and they usual stick around because they want to prove that they made the right choice.

  • 3. BLUE- Fun Oriented
    • Love to talk
    • Optimistic
    • Fun Loving
    • Good communicator
    • Passionate
    • Spontaneous
    • Great Promoters
    • Jokes and loves to laugh
    • Fast pace
    • Likes to be the center of attraction
    • Make quick decisions
    • Popular

As long as you can show someone with a Blue type personality that joining your team is FUN, You will get their interest and they will be quick make a decision to join your team. They make great team builders because they are outgoing and usually have a big network.

  • 4. RED – Goal and Task Oriented
    • Fast paced
    • Direct
    • Enjoy challenges
    • Self starters
    • Get results
    • Achievement driven
    • Competitive
    • Decisive
    • Controlling
    • Insensitive
    • Impulsive
    • Confident

Job Titles: CEO, Entrepreneurs

Blues will join your business if they see the potential to make money, attain freedom and to be challenged.

Let them know that they can have the opportunity to climb the ranks in your company, be the boss and build a team to diversify their income. They are motivated by money, achievement and usually open new opportunities.

Knowing these 4 behavior traits should help you to recognize your prospects sweet spot.

Position your biz opp offer in a way that it lines up with their personality/behavior traits. You’ll get a flood more Prospects joining your team…

Which personality trait would you like to have an abundance off on YOUR Team.
Comment below..

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